Predictions for Book 4:

  • Book title guesses: Growth, Rebirth, Order, Korra…
  • Another “revolution,” similar to the Red Lotus.
  • Ba Sing Se is either completely destroyed and abandoned, taken over by a group or spirits, or somehow under a new rule.
  • Korra has yet to heal in the first few episodes. She will have to rehabilitate and possibly relearn bending.
  • The Fire Nation will be visited. This has to happen since we’ve already seen the air temples, water tribes, and the Earth Kingdom.
  • We’ll see Zuko’s daughter and maybe Azula or her offspring, if any. I hope they also have blue fire.
  • Due to Kuvira, I’m guessing Lin, Suyin, and the metalbenders will be prominent characters again.
  • More deaths. Maybe Zuko or Katara. :(